Working in conjunction with the client, structure, draft and negotiate contracts for the acquisition, installation, servicing and maintenance of computer software, databases and hardware; as well as contracts for consulting services, various Internet services, computer systems integration, outsourcing and virtually all other agreements that involve the computer industry’s products and services.

  • BUSINESS ARRANGEMENTS -- Structure, draft and negotiate the often complex business ad legal documentation for the formation and implementation of strategic alliances and other joint ventures.

  • DUE DILIGENCE -- Advise and assist M&A teams, IT employees and contractors about the range of legal and related operational issues that accompany the acquisition, integration and/or divestment of IT systems and personnel.

  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AUDITS -- Evaluate and advise regarding effective policies and practices for IT, patent and trade secrets management and protection.

  • TROUBLE-SHOOTING -- Identify and recommend solutions for the complex contractual problems experienced by buyers, sellers and users of IT products and services.

Evaluating And Negotiating An IT Contract — The Buyer’s View (ppt - 600k)

Outsourcing an EMR System (pdf - 1.3mb)

  • Understand the end-user’s operational and support needs, matching them to the negotiated contract terms and conditions.

  • Adopt a team approach to the negotiation of all but the most routine IT transactions, including end-user, IT, procurement, legal and, in certain complicated transactions, financial personnel in the team, even if they do not actively participate in the negotiations.

  • The most critical non-financial IT contract provisions are: Products and services descriptions, extent of license grant, intellectual property indemnity, warranties for products and services, limitations of obligations and liabilities, level of support services and events of termination.

  • In evaluating and negotiating contracts for IT products, think of them as operating agreements that govern the use of those products and, in addition, business models that apply directly to both the buyer’s application of the IT products and the generation of virtually all of the seller’s revenue from the sale/license of its products.
  • Resume

  • Over 20 years’ experience with licensing, outsourcing and most other IT transactions.

  • Domestic and international IT transaction experience.

  • Former Partner in several large New England law firms.

  • Represents buyers and sellers, with a focus on buyers.

  • Contract and in-house legal positions in most sectors of the computer industry.

  • Large pharmaceutical experience.

  • Large hospital experience.

  • Works on-site or remotely.

  • Licensed in Massachusetts, California, Connecticut and the District of Columbia.

  • Active in local, regional and national Bar, technology and healthcare associations (MedDev Group, CIMIT, North Shore Technology Council, International Technology Law Association).

  • Client list is available on request.

  • Allan P. Weeks - BIO
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